Try out our sparkling new Espléndido WELLNESS & FITNESS area.

A lovely SPA with indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi beds and jet streams. Finnish and Turkish saunas a variety of thermal showers and relaxing waterbeds.

Two treatment rooms and a manicure / pedicure saloon.

Meet our authorized SPA therapists daily.
Please take a look at the variety of treatments and by booking your appointment in advance, as a staying guest of the hotel you will receive a 10% discount!

We work with products from KERSTIN FLORIAN!

Fitness, Yoga & Pilates

To keep fit and feel good during your holiday, use our gym in the Fitness area on the second floor!
Fully equipped with modern machines, weights as well as Yoga & Pilates accessories.

We also offer yoga & pilates classes:

Yoga classes (max. 5 people) 25€/pp

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday 09.30-10.30

Pilates classes (max. 5 people) 25€/pp

Every day 08.00-09.00

Private classes 1h/45€

All skill levels are welcome!





Exclusive Espléndido SPA Treatment
150 min 195€
Our complete, relaxing & luxurious ritual that includes a creamy, aromatic scrub with chamomile that sweeps away dull surface cells and stimulates circulation followed by a relaxing warm bath with essential oils to help relieve tension. This luxurious treatment also incorporates the application of a concentrated hydration cream in a full body massage followed by a face cleansing, mask and face & scalp massage. Get into your holiday spirit!


Lavender Dream
90 min 140€
Relax & breathe deeply. Inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender in this completely uplifting and rejuvenating Spa experience which includes an invigorating full body scrub and a full body massage. Finishing off with a face and scalp massage.


Energizing Spirulina Experience
90 min 154€
An intense treatment that protects the skin from dehydration and premature aging, achieving a rejuvenated and firm appearance from the 1st session. A deep cleansing salt scrub helps to detoxify and promote circulation. The skin receives the benefits of the antioxidant and firming spirulina algae and an energising body massage provides the final touch to this unforgettable experience. (15 min Sauna session is recommended prior to this treatment).


 3 session package 390€
Moor Mud Body Wrap
90 min 135€
Drawing on the healing benefits of Moor Mud, this wrap and bathSpa treatment helps to improve circulation, detoxifies your bodyand rejuvenates tired muscles and dull skin. Starting with a dry brushexfoliation, this treatment continues with an organic Moor Mud Wrapincluding face mask application and scalp massage, following a warm moisturizing bath with thermal mineral crystals. Finishing off with a light massage with mineralizing cream and revitalising body oil.
3 session package 350€
Ginger Renewal

Time to relax. Starting off with earthy minerals that are combinedwith gingers’ healing properties in an invigorating full body exfoliation.Followed by a full body massage that includes a pampering back,neck and shoulder massage with warm ginger oil and healing stones.Finishing off relaxed inside a warm, nourishing cocoon whilereceiving a luxurious pressure point scalp massage, completes thishead-to-toe treatment.

       90 min 125€


Facial de Luxe

A pampering luxurious facial tailored for your special needs.Includes a face deep cleansing, exfoliation,face massage and mask, eyebrow shaping and eyebrow/ lash tinting.Finishing off with a hand massage using a softening hand cream.

90 min 105€
Facial Light
60 min 80 €
Hydrates, deeply cleanses and regenerates the skin giving yourcomplexion a healthy glow. Includes a relaxing face and scalp massage.
Chitosan Rejuvenating Facial

Reduces the appearance of redness and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles using a peel-off mask which also dramatically increasesskin’s moisture. A hand, scalp and facial massage is also included in this treatment and a cooling Beauty Globes experience completes this purifying, calming and relaxing facial.

60 min 95€
Radient Eyes

This treatment will illuminate and brighten the eye area, decrease wrinkles and fine lines by 35% in a single treatment.

30 min 55€
Men’s Treat

Tailored for men’s specific needs. Leaves skin revitalised and relaxed. Includes exfoliation, massage, a deep cleansing mask and a hand wrap with myrrh oil and a softening hand cream.

60 min 80€
Teen Facial 

The Teen Facial is deeply cleansing and incorporates Vapozon to soften blocked pores for easy extractions. Including exfoliation and an anti-bacterial calming and soothing mask to help reduce redness and inflammation.
45 min 55€


Espléndido Massage

A Swedish full body massage that will help reduce stress and improve circulation. This session will deeply relax your body with long and gentle strokes.

60/90 min 95/140€
Deep Tissue Massage 
60 min 115€
Massage with therapeutic techniques that incorporates soft pressure to treat the deeper layers of muscle fibres. This massage will help you release chronic patterns of tension that create painful conditions.


Woman’s Harmony
60 min 95€
A complete body massage, using special techniques and oil to helprelax, increase circulation, work tired muscles and reduce water retention. Especially suitable for pregnant women. Not recommended before 14 weeks of pregnancy.
Hot Stones

The nature and you! Your body will feel harmony, balance and peacewith this ancient body therapy. Heated Basalt stones placed onspecific spots of your body, relaxing muscles, tissues and mind.

60 min 105€


Back, Neck & Shoulders

A massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders. Strength and pressure is adapted to your individual needs.


30/45 min 55/75€

Face & Scalp  

An ideal treatment for those prone to headaches and sinus problems or for those who just want to enjoy and relax.

30/45 min 55/75€
Legs & Feet

A reviving, soothing and cooling massage after a long day on your feet.

30/45 min 55/75€



Turkish Salt Scrub

An invigorating thermal mineral salt    exfoliation, rich in minerals and trace elements. Deeply cleansing and purifying. If you choose the 45 min treatment, the application of hydrating oil will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing.

30/45 min 40/55€


Chamomile Body Scrub

This luxurious pumice scrub with gentle grains based on chamomile, sweeps away dull skin cells and renews the skin. If you choose the 45 min treatment the application of hydrating oil will leave your skin soft, supple and glowing.

30/45 min 40/55€




Happy Hands
45 min 55€
This treatment will help to moisturize dry hands and nails. Includes a nail and cuticle care; a relaxing hand and forearm massage and nail polish of your choice.
Men Express Manicure
30 min 40€
Trim, shape, cuticle tidy, buff and a relaxing hand and forearm massage.
Happy Feet
60 min 70€
Softening foot treatment for men and women. Includes a foot bath,exfoliation, pedicure and a relaxing foot and leg massage, optionally with nail polish.
Mani/Pedi Express
30/40 min 35/45€
If you need a quick top up, this treatment will have your nails looking tidy and polished in no time. Includes standard nail polish removal, clipping and shaping, hydrating cream and nail polish application.


French Polish added to Happy Hands or Happy Feet
+10 min +10 €
CND Shellac Manicure

The long lasting manicure that retains is high gloss shine. Shellac typically lasts for up to 14 days.

 55 min 70€

CND Shellac Pedicure

Starting with Shellac nail polish and enjoying a foot bath,exfoliation and a relaxing foot and leg massage, making your feet feel smooth and silky.

 70min 85€
CND Shellac Removals

Price included if you take CND Mani / Pedi.

20 min 25€


Full Legs, including Bikini

60 min 55€


Full Legs

40 min 40€


Half Legs

20 min 30€



20 min 30€



Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting

For more definition and color. Great for the holidays by the pool and the beach…no more running mascara!
Note: if you have never had this treatment done before at our spa, a patch test must be carried out 24hs before the procedure to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction. Please contact our Spa therapist

25 min 30€


Eyebrow shaping

Change the shape or just tidy your brows. Can also be added to any of our treatments

20 min 18€




Eyebrow Clean Up


Lip and Chin


Full Face


20 min 24€
15 min 19€
45 min 45€
Silk Eyelashes Extension
Full Set 
90/120 min 120€
Eyelash Extension Maintenance

Lashes Extension is a great way to add lenght and fullness to your lashes with a 
natural and real looking result! Length, thickness and curl are individually adapted. Due to their lightness and flexibility, the lashes extensions are extremely comfortable to wear.
45/60 min 70€

For special needs or questions please consult the therapist.



FACIAL LIGHT  60 min 80€

This facial treatment hydrates and regenerates the skin giving your complexion a healthy glow. Includes a relaxing face and scalp massage.



Cleansing, Facial Mask and Face Massage  30 min 45€

Cleansing, Facial Mask, Face / Hands and Feet massage  50 min 70€



A Swedish full body massage using essential oils, designed to ease tension and provide a sense of well being and total relaxation.


BACK & NECK & SHOULDERS  30/45 min 55/75€

A concentrated massage of the back, neck & shoulders. Strength and pressure is determined by your individual needs.


FACE & SCALP  30/45 min 55/75€

An ideal treatment for those prone to headaches and sinus problems, or for those who just want to enjoy and relax.


LEGS & FEET  30/45 min 55/75€

A reviving, soothing and cooling massage after a long day on your feet.


ORGANIC ALOE WRAP  30/60 min 55/95€

The healing, moisturizing properties of the Organic Aloe Vera plant are combined with the remineralizing and nourishing elements of Algae and soothing properties of Lavender in this deluxe hydrating body wrap. Includes a luxurious Scalp & Neck massage followed by a Foot massage with invigorating Alpine Foot Balm.



An invigorating Turkish Salts & Eucalyptus Scrub on Legs & Feet followed by a refreshing and relaxing Feet & Legs Massage and finishing with Hand, Arm & Scalp massage.



Magnesium promotes healthy energy levels,provides sleep quality, proper muscle function and overall well-being. This nourishing treatment uses the power of magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient levels. The therapeutic experience is completed with a full body massage.



An express treatment with lasting benefits for tension and dry hair. It begins with an aromatherapy sensory experience including an acupressure scalp exercise to clear the mind, promote relaxation and ease stiffness and pain. A pampering head, neck and shoulder massage with lavender oil and a cooling pine and menthol balm help to promote sleep and relieve tension.

A relaxing face massage can be added to this treatment. +15min +20€


LAVENDER CRUSH  60 min 99€

Experience the ultimate healing and soothing powers of lavender. Breath deep; inhale the calming and balancing benefits of wild lavender with this uplifting treatment. Earthly minerals are combined with lavender’s healing properties in an invigorating two-steps exfoliation. Next, lavender Body Spray is massaged onto the body. During the state of peaceful rest, enjoy a soothing, sensory massage to relax and balance all your senses.


TURKISH SALT SCRUB  30/45 min 40/55€

An invigorating thermal mineral salt exfoliation, rich in minerals and trace elements. Deep cleansing, purifying.


HAPPY HANDS 45 min 55€

This treatment will help moisturize dry hands and nails. Includes a relaxing Hand & Arm massage and nail polish application.


Trim, shape, tidy & buff, including a relaxing hand and forearm massage.

FOOT DELUXE DUO 60min (30min p/p) 45€p/p

Enjoy a softening foot treatment together with your friend on our SPA terrace. Includes Foot bath, Foot peeling, Foot massage and a Hand & Scalp massage.






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