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Espléndido Massage

A Swedish full body massage that will help reduce stress and improve circulation. This session will deeply relax your body with long and gentle strokes.

60/90 min

95/140 €

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage with therapeutic techniques that incorporates soft pressure to treat the deeper layers of muscle fibres. This massage will help you release chronic patterns of tension that create painful conditions.

60 min

115 €

Woman’s Harmony

A complete body massage, using special techniques and oil to help relax, increase circulation, work tired muscles and reduce water retention. Especially suitable for pregnant women. Not recommended before14 weeks of pregnancy.

60 min

95 €

Hot Stones

The nature and you! Your body will feel harmony, balance and peace with this ancient body therapy. Heated Basalt stones placed on specific spots of your body, relaxing muscles, tissues and mind.

60 min

105 €

Back, Neck & Shoulders

A massage focused on the back, neck and shoulders. Strength and pressure is adapted to your individual needs.

30/45 min

55/75 €

Face & Scalp

An ideal treatment for those prone to headaches and sinus problems or for those who just want to enjoy and relax.

30/45 min

55/75 €

Legs & Feet

A reviving, soothing and cooling massage after a long day on your feet.

30/45 min

55/75 €